Nomination FAQ

Key Dates

Nominations can now be made for the 2021 Coastal Bravery Awards.

Nominations close at 5pm, Sunday March 7 2021




Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the formal ceremony for the 2020 Coastal Bravery Awards has been cancelled. Any successful nominations will now be awarded at the 2021 Coastal Bravery Awards ceremony on Friday, May 7 2021.


How will I know if my nomination was successful/unsuccessful? 

In the case of a successful nomination, both the nominee and the person who made the nomination will be notified via email that their nomination was successful and will be advised of the 2021 Coastal Bravery Awards ceremony date in due course. 

In the case of an unsuccessful nomination, the nominee will be notified via email that the nomination was unsuccessful.

Standard Nomination FAQ's

Who can make a nomination?

Anyone can nominate a person(s) for a Coastal Bravery Award by completing the online Nomination Form.  For example, candidates can be identified and nominated by;

  • Members of the public

  • Surf Life Saving WA (SLSWA)

  • Surf Life Saving Clubs

  • Coastal organisations

  • Safety & Rescue authorities

Can I self nominate?

No self-nomination is allowed.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone can be nominated that meets the following basic criteria:

Common Criteria

  • The Recipient must have endeavoured to save the life of another and their Act must have demonstrated bravery. In this context bravery can be defined as the selfless choice and willingness to confront danger and uncertainty for the benefit of another.

  • The Act must have occurred on the Western Australian coast (including water and beach-based acts)*

  • The Act must have occurred in the past three (3) years (includes all acts committed after 1 May 2017)

  • The Act must not have previously been nominated for or received a Coastal Bravery Award

Do I have to choose an award category to nominate for?

The nominator is not required to determine the award category. A common nomination form must be completed and the appropriate award category will be determined by the Coastal Bravery Awards Selection Committee.


As a nominator, do I have to provide contact details?

As all nominations must be verifiable, the nominator must be contactable (if required) to assist SLSWA with the completion of the verification process.


All nominations are treated as strictly confidential and will be used only for the purposes of nomination consideration and recipient selection.


How are nominations assessed and recipients determined?

A three-part process is conducted to determine Award Recipients:

  1. All nominations will be verified by SLSWA

  2. Nominations will then be assessed by the Coastal Bravery Awards Selection Committee. The Committee is an independent advisory committee formed to consider nominations and make recommendations to the President of SLSWA on Award Recipients and Award Level. The Committee consists of:



  • SLSWA Senior Development Officer



  • Industry Representative - Chief Executive Officer, Surfing WA, Mark Lane

  • Industry Representative - Deputy Commissioner, Department of Fire & Emergency Services, Mal Cronstedt AFSM

  • SLSWA General Manager, Lifesaving & Training, Chris Peck


   3. The recommendations of the Coastal Bravery Awards Selection Committee will be considered by the President of Surf Life Saving Western          Australia for selection.

Can I only make an online nomination?

No. Should you prefer to make a hard copy nomination, please contact us at Surf Life Saving WA for a Nomination Form.

But I still have questions?

Should you have any further questions about the Coastal Bravery Awards, please contact us at Surf Life Saving WA on (08) 9207 6666 or email us on .


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