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What are the Coastal Bravery Awards?

The Coastal Bravery Awards are Surf Life Saving Western Australia’s (SLSWA) highest recognition for acts of bravery. They have been developed to formally recognise those who display selflessness and bravery, whilst endeavouring to save the life of another, on the Western Australian coast.


The Coastal Bravery Awards consist of five awards at three levels which recognise the acts of individuals or groups. The Awards are distinguished by the age of the recipient at the time of the act, the capacity in which the recipient was acting (personal, organised or professional) and the degree of selflessness, bravery and courage displayed. 


Who is Surf Life Saving Western Australia?

Surf Life Saving Western Australia (SLSWA) is the state’s major water safety and rescue authority.

SLSWA seeks to protect life, save life, and create a safe environment in and around the State's beaches. In doing so, we also represent and protect the lifestyle, values and beliefs of the Australian culture.


With 31 Surf Life Saving clubs and 20,000 volunteer members, SLSWA provides an essential service to all users of the Western Australian coast through the provision of air, sea and land surveillance and emergency response services and the delivery of safe recreational opportunities. To learn more about Surf Life Saving WA visit our website.

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