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Joanne Lucas SC


Surf Life Saving WA is proud to announce Joanne Lucas SC as the inaugural Coastal Bravery Awards Ambassador.


Just after 7am on 10 May 2008, Joanne, a member of the Albany Surf Live Saving Club, arrived at Middleton Beach in Albany to attend surf boat training. Arriving early, she was on the beach when she heard cries for help and was alerted to a swimmer thrashing around in the ocean. 


Initially thinking it was a dolphin in the water, another beach goer screamed out that the swimmer had been attacked by a shark. Unable to find anyone to help her, and with little thought as to her own safety, the mother of three immediately swam out towards the man and towed him 80 metres to shore, saving his life.


Amongst many honours, including a Pride of Australia Medal for Bravery; and the Star of Courage; in 2009 Joanne was awarded the Royal Humane Society of Australasia’s Clarke Gold Medal. This medal recognises the year’s most outstanding act of bravery. It honours singular courage and resource, exercised in the face of danger, without thought of self-preservation or congratulation, responding in a heartbeat to the need of another human life.

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